Theodore Payne In His Own Words
Trade paper, ISBN: 0-9700481-5-7, 224 pages
Theodore Payne In His Own Words
A Voice for California Native Plants
By Theodore Payne

In this book of stories, Theodore Payne describes his botanical adventures and his impressions of Southern California lands and people from the 1890s to the 1940s.

Payne (1872-1963) was a young Englishman who came to Orange County in 1893 and soon realized that California’s rich native flora was disappearing. He made it his life’s work to preserve and offer for sale the native plants, through his own nurseries. His long career spanned 70 years in horticulture, and he introduced into cultivation over 400 species of California wild flowers. Many of them might have been lost without his intervention. He is acclaimed as a touchstone for today’s waterwise gardeners.

Illustrated with historic photographs and vintage botanical drawings by Margaret Warriner Buck.

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