Southern Sierras of California
Trade paper, ISBN: 0-9700481-1, 296 pages
The Southern Sierras of California
A Complete New Edition of the 1923 Classic
Charles Francis Saunders

This book marks the long-awaited return of a classic of Southern California mountain history, the best loved of Saunders’ 18 books on California flora, missions, and Indian culture. The genial botanist and explorer came from his native Pennsylvania to settle in Pasadena in 1902.

Here Saunders gives an intimate portrait of the San Gabriel, San Bernardino, and Santa Monica ranges, before they were pierced by modern highways. He tells of his encounters, in the 1910s and 20s, with Southern California folk in their remote niches – homesteaders and wanderers, beekeepers and miners. They share rough mountain hospitality, shelter in a broken-down cabin or flapjacks by the campfire, conversations and life stories.

Those days are gone now but the mountains remain. You will know some of their secrets if you walk them with Saunders.

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