Sage Bloom and Water Rights
Trade paper, ISBN 0-9700481-4-9, 257 pages
Sage Bloom and Water Rights
Stories of Early Southern California
By Margaret Collier Graham

Through her fiction, Margaret Collier Graham (1850-1910) gives us a vivid look at the Southern California of her time, the life of the early settlers, the importance of water, the hardships and humor, the strong characters, and around it all the beautiful land. The aroma of sage and the earth, in sun or rain, rises from these pages with a satisfying richness. These are stories with literary merit and historical truth.

This new edition contains ten stories chosen from Graham’s two collections, Stories of the Foot-hills (1895) and The Wizard’s Daughter (1905). She was South Pasadena’s pioneer storyteller and essayist, admired by John Muir and Charles Lummis, a familiar voice in Lummis’s magazine Land of Sunshine, and with her husband Donald Graham, a founder of Southland towns.

Illustrated with historic photographs. Photo reproduced by permission of The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California.

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Old settlers picnic on grounds of Wynyate
Old settlers picnic on grounds
of Wynyate, South Pasadena, 1909