John Muir
Trade paper, ISBN: 0-9700481-1-4, 148 pages
John Muir
A Naturalist in South California
By Elizabeth Pomeroy

Yes, the famed naturalist, usually associated with Yosemite and Alaskan glaciers, visited the Los Angeles area often. Follow his steps as he first arrives in 1877, then returns to cultivate friendships with Charles Lummis, Theodore P. Lukens, and A.C. Vroman. We find him exploring Southland mountains and deserts, stirring up support for wilderness and the national parks. The visits continued until his death in Los Angeles in 1914. Vintage photographs illustrate this little-known story.

Also included in the book:
Voices from the Past: letters and newspaper articles revealing Muir’s friendships in the Southland. Places to Visit: sites associated with Muir which can still be visited today.

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