Calabasas Lives
Trade paper, ISBN 13: 978-0-9700481-7-2,
174 pages
Calabasas Lives
Pioneers of a Western Outpost
by Catherine Mulholland
a companion to Calabasas Girls

The settlers of 19th century Calabasas saw themselves as an energetic and progressive lot, up against the dust, winds, and strong temperaments of a new little town. Theirs is a story of land feuds and village lore, far out in the western San Fernando Valley.

But it was a beautiful land, with abundant crops and ventures into the nearby canyons. Catherine Mulholland has captured the details and characters of a lost world, in this set of true and rousing tales.

This lively work traces themes, progress, and quirky characters familiar in the history of so many Southern California towns.

Catherine Mulholland is the author of William Mulholland and the Rise of Los Angeles, an acclaimed biography of her grandfather, and The Owensmouth Baby: The Making of a San Fernando Valley Town. Her companion to the present volume is Calabasas Girls: An Intimate History, 1885-1912.

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