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Many Moons Press was founded in 2000 to publish valuable writing on subjects of history, nature, and the literary arts.

The Press is intended as a voice for preservation and a wider historical awareness, bringing to light people, places and stories that should not be forgotten.

Cooperative publishing ventures with historical societies and other organizations are now underway. Many Moons Press welcomes ideas for its future projects.

California Voices
The Press has initiated this new series, to bring out historic texts that are either long out of print or have never before been published. These authors speak to concerns of today and we welcome their return.

The series, designed as a set, includes these titles:

Robert Glass Cleland, El Molino Viejo
Theodore Payne, Theodore Payne in His Own Words: A Voice for California Native Plants
Margaret Collier Graham, Sage Bloom and Water Rights: Stories of Early Southern California
Catherine Mulholland, Calabasas Girls: An Intimate History, 1885-1912
Catherine Mulholland, Calabasas Lives: Pioneers of a Western Outpost
Charles Francis Saunders, The Southern Sierras of California

California plant drawing